Thomas Shafer Architects is a firm of experienced architects dedicated to design excellence and exceptional client service.


We create beautiful and interesting environments. Our success lies in the ability to listen and work closely with our clients to develop solutions that satisfy their unique needs.

We believe that Architecture is a process, a refinement of an idea through many phases of design work. Our job is not simply to ask what is wanted, but to provide consideration of what can be.







Our projects vary in size and type, but our design philosophy does not. As an intentionally small office we ensure that each project benefits from the direct oversight of a firm principal and the collective expertise of an experienced project team. We approach each project as a new challenge, and our goal is always to strike the perfect balance between design, program, and budget. Ours is a rigorous process. For each project we strive to ensure that even the smallest of detail is addressed, and that all possible design solutions are considered.


No successful project emerges from a singular idea or person. We communicate extensively with engineers, contractors, consultants and the craftsmen who work on our buildings to achieve solutions that truly work. We often work with low voltage consultants to co-ordinate security, lighting and audio/video systems, telecommunications, and computer and data systems. Frequently we will also design site amenities such as sport courts, swimming pools, cabanas, ponds and the like, as well as home theaters and acoustical rooms. Whatever the challenge, our mission is to build and co-ordinate a team of highly qualified professionals to develop a thoughtfully designed solution.


We provide a full range of architectural services including: Programming, Space Planning, Conceptual and Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documentation, and Construction Administration. Additionally, we are often retained to provide Interior Design Services, where we assist in the selection of window treatments, make recommendations regarding carpets, rugs, paints, and other specialty finishes, and help procure furnishings and accessories.

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We've kept our office intentionally small, and we believe this benefits our design work and our client service, but there's more to it than just that. As a tightly-knit team, we're all personally invested not just in the success of the firm, but of each other. We dine together and celebrate birthdays as a firm; we know each other's families and enjoy holiday parties as a group; and we sponsor firm trips to broaden our horizons as architects and to work for charitable causes as a team.



We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate and work collaboratively, and this applies to all aspects of our work. Our studio space is open, both literally and in spirit. In our process, each member is not just allowed but expected to contribute creatively to the final design of a project. We share our expertise, and we make a point to each stay apprised of all design projects in the office, so that each project may benefit from our collective knowledge.



As architects, we believe that we have a professional responsibility that extends beyond just coming to work and designing buildings. It is also our job to contribute to the architectural profession at large. We do this by staying active in professional and social organizations like the American Institute of Architects and the Arts Club of Chicago, by mentoring young professionals, by continuing to stay active in the academic community, and by speaking and presenting about what we do as architects.



THOMAS SHAFER ARCHITECTS, LLC places a priority on giving back each year through charitable service. We are not content to rest on our successes, and consider it our responsibility to seek out new charitable opportunities. From sponsoring a children's shelter in Arizona to building houses in New Orleans, we have contributed to a number of causes, and consider this one of the true pleasures of our professional endeavor. This is an ongoing element of our  firm, and we are always interested in new charitable projects.

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